About us

Sloan was founded in 1967 in Basle/Switzerland as a sister of the Sloan Company in California/USA. In 2020, Sloan AG was integrated into Sibalco AG. The products of Sloan AG will continue to be marketed under the brand name Sloan Precision Optoelectronics.

Ever since Sloan designs, manufactures and distributes electronic and electrooptical components which meet the highest standards for quality, durability and performance. In more than 30 years of service to the military and commercial markets Sloan has developed the largest range of quality indicators and continues to introduce new, up-to-date products.

A development department, innovative and quickly responding, can realise designs off optoelectronic products according to customers specifications. We offer an extensive range of waterproof devices for security equipment's rugged metalhousings, shock and vibrationproof, ultrabright LED indicators, sunlight visibility, viewing angle of more than 180° with LED's, are further advantages of the Sloan range with which we satisfy our customers demands.

The longstanding experience and innovations is a guarantee to provide customers with superior products, standard or custom designed, at reasonable cost.

Sibalco is ISO9001 certified.