All of Sloan's product catalogues are available to download as PDF below. Further information about our products is available under the section Products.

LED Indicator Lights

Full line product range of our miniature indicator lights for harsh environments in metal and plastic housings, available with various colours for applications.

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LED Module / Flexible LED-Streifen

LED Modules / Flexible LED Strips

Our product range of fleible LED strips in single color versions, different white colors, dual-white colors and also in RGB and RGBW.

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Aluminium LED Profilleuchten


Ready to use aluminium profile led lamps with warm-, nature- and cold white LED. Available in different designs, shapes and lengths. 

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3mm, 5mm LED, PLCC SMD LED, Power LED

3 & 5mm THT LEDs, SMD LEDs and Power LEDs 

Selection of our 3 & 5mm THT LED, SMD LEDs and as well Power LED The THT LED are available in various colours and intensities, also available are SMD LEDs as RGB.

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3mm, 5mm LED, PLCC SMD LED, Power LED

Emergency-Exit light 

Signalling of emergency exits, can be additionally equipped with flashers.
The flashing lights guide the way to the emergency exit even in difficult visibility conditions such as smoke.

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